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Bad inspections can throw the deal…

There has always been an on-going debate on whether it makes sense to purchase a home.  Questions like: What is the long term return on[…]

What would you think if you could take money from your IRA, purchase an investment property, and have the proceeds from the property be tax-deferred?

Here’s the Seller Process Map – let us help you with your real estate journey!                    […]

Here’s the Buyer Process Map – let us help you with your real estate journey!                    […]

The 2009 Home Buyer Tax Credit was great for a whole bunch of people who were able to take advantage – you wish that you[…]

For Veteran’s who are interested in real estate, here are a few commonly asked questions with answers: Did you know that less than 15% of[…]

One of the key tax benefits related to home ownership is the mortgage interest deduction.  Also, certain taxes are also deductible as well as other[…]

I got a good question the other day and wanted to share – someone I know has a pool outside of the master bedroom and[…]

I recently had someone ask my advice concerning what to do in their situation; that of having a home that is ‘upside down’ (meaning the[…]

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” [1] Green design is more than just the lumber of[…]

Green Living blogs…

Like all things done well, design is the first and most important aspect.  If you haven’t read the previous blog(s) related to green design please[…]

One might ask, “If I could start with a ‘blank slate’ for building my green home, what things should I consider?”  Or, I’m looking at[…]

HERS  – when it comes around to saving money it’s both!  However, the subject is about HERS (Home Energy Rating System) – a system for rating home[…]

As I think about my own 30-year-old house I recognize two things – 1) it’s almost paid off!  2) if I want an energy efficient[…]

Energy assessments, audits, and surveys are means to determine the energy consumption of the property.  Some indicators that could imply loss of energy efficiency are:[…]

What does ‘Green’ mean? According to a survey performed in 2010 by The Shelton Group, EcoPulse 2010™, Knoxville, TN the following terms were most associated[…]

I was recently in a certification training class for the NAR Green certification, learning about the various aspects related to “green” housing.  My ears perked[…]

There’s been grave concern by some that there is a 3.8% tax levied on all home sales, starting in 2013, to pay for the new[…]

Many jobless homeowners unable to make their monthly mortgage payments will soon get a little help from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government-sponsored housing[…]

In the past 3 articles we’ve discussed what the Buyer should do to strategize for purchasing a home.  Ideas such as things to avoid while[…]

My Realtor® – My Friend, My Advisor Wanting to purchase a home or sell a home?  What kind of person is needed to bring the[…]

Buyer’s – THOU SHALT NOT!!! Buyers can sometimes forget with all the excitement surrounding the buying of their new home to take precautions as related[…]

Did you know that buying a house should include much planning and strategizing?  Purchasing a house is a key decision in one’s life.  For my[…]

OK, you’ve purchased a home and remember signing a whole bunch of papers.  Or maybe you’re getting ready to purchase or close a home.  Do[…]

If you’re deeply interested in real estate trends and information, or perhaps just starting to investigate opportunities, then you might want to check-out the link[…]

It would be presumptuous and probably sacrilegious to try to ascribe to Jesus traits that were not expressly indicated in the Bible, however, one could respectfully surmise from[…]

If you’ve experienced having a rat-a-tat-tat on your house then here’s a few things I’ve learned in my many experiences with woodpeckers that might be[…]

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We are thrilled to consider your home for listing or to find you the home of your dreams.  Please see Seller Services or Buyer Services[…]

A day in the life of a Seller – it is the day of closing!  Finally, weeks and months of waiting over.  As I look[…]

It would be presumptuous and probably sacrilegious to try to ascribe to Jesus traits that were not expressly indicated in the Bible, however, one could[…]