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Purchasing that house!

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Purchasing that house!

Home2Purchasing a home is a huge LIFE decision!  It may be the home where your children are raised or lifelong friendships or memories are made. That’s a big decision!   The current market is very challenging for both buyers and sellers.   Each approach needs special attention and strategies that result in a successful (maximum value with minimum stress) transaction.

Below are some ideas about steps needed to purchase a home.  You need someone with experience, diligence, persistence, creativity, and good ‘ole hard work to find and navigate the purchase process.


– The Buyer Process Map
– How to get started with the Purchase Process
– What can I expect? [Buyer Presentation slide deck]
– Loan Rates and Calculations
– Search MLS

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Homes that I’ve recently helped clients to purchase (or under contract):

6902 Whippoorwill Ct (Sold – Sep, 2017)

424 Fieldwood Dr (Sold – Sept, 2017)

7520 Peachtree Trl (Sold – May, 2017)

1124 Boston Blvd (Sold – May, 2017)

5020 Roxie – (Sold – May, 2017)

2016 Natchez (Sold, April 2017)

4933 Ambrosia (Sold, April 2017)

805 Bryan Dr (Sold, April 2017)

909 N Ector (Sold Mar 2017)

3200 Murphy (Sold Mar 2017)

8309 Winter Falls (Sold Jan.2017)

1713 Juniper Ln (Sold Dec.2016)

107 S Lakeview Dr (Sold Dec.2016)

7001 Raintree Way (Sold Dec.2016)

912 Raleigh Path Drive (Option Contract)

912 Raleigh Path Drive (Sold Oct.2016)

2332 Chestnut Way (Pending)

2332 Chestnut Way (Sold Sep.2016)

4804 Thistledown Drive

4804 Thistledown Drive (Sold Aug.2016)

2001 Woodberry Dr

2001 Woodberry Dr (Sold Aug.2016)

920 Iona Drive

920 Iona Drive (Sold-Aug.2016)

1316 McEntire Court

1316 McEntire Court (Sold -Jun.2016)

4505 Jim Mitchell

4505 Jim Mitchell Rd (Sold)

732 Tomahawk Trail

732 Tomahawk Trail (Sold)

1010 Skyview

1010 Skyview (Sold)

2303 Bennington

2303 Bennington (Sold)

8708 Brushy Creek Trail

8708 Brushy Creek Trail (Sold)

Lot 21 Hackamore Ct

Lot 21 Hackamore Ct – 25 AC (Sold)

I’m currently working with 5 clients on new-build construction:

9610 Hackamore Ct

9610 Hackamore Ct (pending)


8204 Sandhill Crane

8204 Sandhill Crane

8204 Sandhill Crane Dr - finished

8204 Sandhill Crane Dr – finished


2925 Big Horn Bluff Ct

2925 Big Horn Bluff Ct

2925 Big Horn Bluff Ct_finished

2925 Big Horn Bluff Ct_finished


8124 Sandhill Crane

8124 Sandhill Crane

8124 Sandhill Crane_finished

8124 Sandhill Crane_finished


725 Seabourne Drive

725 Seabourne Drive

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