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There are some significant tax benefits made available to homeowners – be SURE to talk to your accountant about such aspects as listed below: Every[…]

Not too long ago my wife prevailed upon me to clean up all of our old tax records.  I had held onto tax records since[…]

Taxes, taxes, and more taxes! Is there no relief from all of these taxes? Answer: YES! If you own a home you may be eligible for some relief.

Financing rates are at historical lows; now is a great time to buy a house or investment property.  In fact, some might wonder how long[…]

One of the key tax benefits related to home ownership is the mortgage interest deduction.  Also, certain taxes are also deductible as well as other[…]

I recently had someone ask my advice concerning what to do in their situation; that of having a home that is ‘upside down’ (meaning the[…]

OK, you’ve purchased a home and remember signing a whole bunch of papers.  Or maybe you’re getting ready to purchase or close a home.  Do[…]