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Strategize, Plan, Succeed! Part 3 (My Realtor® – My Friend, My Advisor)

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Strategize, Plan, Succeed! Part 3 (My Realtor® – My Friend, My Advisor)


My Realtor® – My Friend, My Advisor

Wanting to purchase a home or sell a home?  What kind of person is needed to bring the most value to this equation? Or you might be thinking, “I can do this on my own – I don’t need any help!”

The real estate process in Texas is complex and has many steps; for this reason, most Buyers or Sellers will be more satisfied with the process by engaging a real estate agent and preferably a Realtor®. See the Buyer process or the Seller process  for ideas about what is involved. In fact, for some this might mean the difference between sanity or not!

See a great article to elaborate more on this need – “Importance of Hiring a Real Estate Agent”.

SO, what characteristics should one look for in a real estate agent?  After working with many folks, both Buyers and Sellers; some ideas about personal attributes one should consider:

  • Someone that you can trust – your agent will need to be able to keep confidences as well as to deal with complete honesty and integrity.   Proverbs 11:3
  • Someone who will deal straight with you, encouraging with the good, but honest with the bad as well.  Proverbs 27:6
  • Someone with-which you can feel comfortable – the real estate process can be a lengthy process and you will spend lots of time with your agent.  You want to be sure that you are completely comfortable.  In fact, with many of my clients we start out as strangers and in the end have developed great friendships.
  • Someone who has experience and a good reputation with good recommendations from others.  I welcome you to check out some of the kind comments that I’ve received from my clients.  Also, see the recommendations on my facebook site.
  • Prayer – Most people probably don’t think about this, but I personally pray with and for my clients.  I seek wisdom and guidance from God to assist my clients, and I pray for my clients that they will make the right decisions concerning their real estate decisions.  For some this might be an ‘optional’ attribute in a real estate agent, but for me it is my modus operandi.
  • Someone who is competent.  As previously mentioned the real estate process is complex, implying that it is VERY important to acquire an agent that is highly competent.  In many cases Realtors or real estate agents have obtained certifications.  These certifications are not a guarantee of competence but it does imply that the agent has spent considerable time, effort, and resource to acquire additional training beyond that required to obtain the license, and to maintain the certification.  With some certifications, there are various additional resources and capabilities that the agent acquires after earning the certification – these aspects can make the difference between an agent with and without the certifications – the client will be greatly benefited by working with an agent who has take these extra steps.

I personally hold the following certifications:

  • GRI – Graduate Realtor® Institute;
  • ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Representative;
  • SFR – Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource;
  • Green – Nick has scheduled himself to also acquire the Green certification in 2012


For more information about Nick see:

What do I need to know about Nick Miller/Broker?

I would be honored to help you with your real estate needs and happy to explain tax benefits and other aspects related to financing a home or investment property.  Just give me a call or contact me.