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$100/month utility bill! There’s $Green in living Green…#1

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$100/month utility bill! There’s $Green in living Green…#1


I was recently in a certification training class for the NAR Green certification, learning about the various aspects related to “green” housing.  My ears perked up when one of the other realtors in the room indicated that they lived in a ‘platinum LEED certified’ home.  Think of my surprise when she indicated, for her 3000 sqft house,  that her highest air/heating bill last year was between $100 – $200/month, and that included the hot Texas summer of last year!  This compared to $350+ per month for many other homes.

This blog series will attempt to educate and raise awareness of ‘green’ housing and its various implications.  There are many aspects to consider, such as:

  • Green home terminology
  • Sustainability and energy consumption
  • Green trends, including renewable energy sources
  • Energy monitoring, assessments, and audits
  • Standards, benchmarks, certifications and ratings
  • Building materials
  • The cost to construct ‘green’
  • The savings related to ‘green’ housing
  • Energy saving tips
  • Related topics, such as Green pest control

Also, we’ll investigate ‘green’ home construction, including builders and various certified homes available in the DFW area.

Watch for the next blog…we’ll begin to delve into some of the topics listed above.

For a fun exercise, calculate your own carbon footprint!

I would be honored to help you with your real estate needs and happy to explain tax benefits and other aspects related to financing a home or investment property. Also, I’d love to discuss these ‘green’ aspects and help you understand what the implications of energy efficient design and construction might mean to you as you search for a new or existing home.  Just give me a call or contact me.