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SO, you want to make some updates on your home? You might want to consider the ROI of that update.

Homes in Texas are often subject to foundation shifting which results in various cracks in the foundation itself, the outer brick walls, and interior features[…]

Not too long ago my wife prevailed upon me to clean up all of our old tax records.  I had held onto tax records since[…]

Taxes, taxes, and more taxes! Is there no relief from all of these taxes? Answer: YES! If you own a home you may be eligible for some relief.

Financing rates are at historical lows; now is a great time to buy a house or investment property.  In fact, some might wonder how long[…]


One of the key tax benefits related to home ownership is the mortgage interest deduction.  Also, certain taxes are also deductible as well as other[…]

I got a good question the other day and wanted to share – someone I know has a pool outside of the master bedroom and[…]

I recently had someone ask my advice concerning what to do in their situation; that of having a home that is ‘upside down’ (meaning the[…]

Green Living blogs…

Like all things done well, design is the first and most important aspect.  If you haven’t read the previous blog(s) related to green design please[…]

One might ask, “If I could start with a ‘blank slate’ for building my green home, what things should I consider?”  Or, I’m looking at[…]

Many jobless homeowners unable to make their monthly mortgage payments will soon get a little help from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government-sponsored housing[…]

In the past 3 articles we’ve discussed what the Buyer should do to strategize for purchasing a home.  Ideas such as things to avoid while[…]

My Realtor® – My Friend, My Advisor Wanting to purchase a home or sell a home?  What kind of person is needed to bring the[…]

Buyer’s – THOU SHALT NOT!!! Buyers can sometimes forget with all the excitement surrounding the buying of their new home to take precautions as related[…]

OK, you’ve purchased a home and remember signing a whole bunch of papers.  Or maybe you’re getting ready to purchase or close a home.  Do[…]

If you’re deeply interested in real estate trends and information, or perhaps just starting to investigate opportunities, then you might want to check-out the link[…]

It would be presumptuous and probably sacrilegious to try to ascribe to Jesus traits that were not expressly indicated in the Bible, however, one could respectfully surmise from[…]

If you’ve experienced having a rat-a-tat-tat on your house then here’s a few things I’ve learned in my many experiences with woodpeckers that might be[…]

A day in the life of a Seller – it is the day of closing!  Finally, weeks and months of waiting over.  As I look[…]

It would be presumptuous and probably sacrilegious to try to ascribe to Jesus traits that were not expressly indicated in the Bible, however, one could[…]

A day in the life of a Seller – Got a bunch of work to do today…busy working on marketing strategy – the phone rings.[…]

Buyers – Buyer commissions are always paid-for by the Seller – therefore there is absolutely EVERY reason to “hire” a Buyers agent to represent your[…]