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Strategize, Plan, Succeed! Part 1

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Strategize, Plan, Succeed! Part 1


Did you know that buying a house should include much planning and strategizing?  Purchasing a house is a key decision in one’s life.  For my wife and me, that house and its surroundings crafted many aspects of our lives, such as:

  • Relationships with our neighbors and friends living nearby, including…
  • The children that grew-up with our children (many who are now married and off to form their own families, not to mention our own daughter who married a friend met in Junior High)
  • The church where we formed long lasting friendships and some of whom have become just like “family”
  • The schools where our children learned and were molded to meet life’s challenges
  • The home where grandchildren play and form early life memories
  • The job(s) that were nearby
  • The list goes on and on…

Our home is the “central headquarters” of our family life, where trips and special events were planned and held, where friendships were formed, and family cherised.  YES, finding the right home is a big decision with many lasting implications.  It takes strategy & planning to fund or finance, it takes wisdom and guidance to make the right choices concerning where to buy (location, location, location!), what house to buy, how much to pay, how to negotiate, how to understand contracts, etc., etc.

SO, if you’re thinking about real estate, whether buying a house, or looking for investment property, here are a few tips that I hope will be helpful.

Part 1 – 10 Things to Avoid When Applying For A Loan | REALTOR.com® Blogs

Stay tuned for these ideas…

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