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Building green – start with design! There’s $Green in living Green…#6

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Building green – start with design! There’s $Green in living Green…#6


One might ask, “If I could start with a ‘blank slate’ for building my green home, what things should I consider?”  Or, I’m looking at some land to build on and want to make sure I consider green construction fundamentals.

First, as mentioned in previous blogs, for the existing home owner it is important to get an energy audit; this will allow the homeowner to make smart changes to improve the energy consumption of their home.

Next, let’s consider aspects for designing a green (or eco-friendly) home[1]:

  • Layout and size – be sure to design for functional use, compact and convenient layout, adaptable for future use, and big enough to meet occupants’ needs but not overly large.
  • Minimize solar heat gaindesign deep overhangs to protect siding, shade exterior walls from excess heat, and prevent overheating of interior spaces.  Mitigate heat as related to window placement design. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, implying that the east and west sides of the home should be designed as the narrow facing ends (if possible) with minimal number and size of windows and/or with deep overhangs to increase shade.  [Note, use of double or triple pane low-e windows is also advisable.  Stay tuned for more-to-come on window products.] 
  • Maximize natural lighting – capture natural lighting and enhance luminosity with light-colored finishes and coverings for walls and floors.
More design ideas with the next blog…see below some ideas as related to sun placement and the use of deep overhangs to assist with heat mitigation.


















[1] portions from: p13, ‘Green 200: The Science of Green Building’, 2011, Green Resource Council of the National Association of Realtors®

I would be honored to help you with your real estate needs and happy to explain tax benefits and other aspects related to financing a home or investment property. Also, I’d love to discuss these ‘green’ aspects and help you understand what the implications of energy efficient design and construction might mean to you as you search for a new or existing home.  Just give me a call or contact me.

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