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Homes in Texas are often subject to foundation shifting which results in various cracks in the foundation itself, the outer brick walls, and interior features[…]

I was just talking with someone recently about investments (stock, REITs, real estate, etc.) and it occurs that for a homeowner one of the best[…]

Attention all Texas veterans! Did you know that most veterans are eligible for low interest home loans [currently 3.65% down to 3.15% (for disability greater[…]


This is the third of several blogs related to the new build home process – to review the previous blog – https://realtysidebyside.com/2015/03/08/the-new-build-home-process-and-its-challenges-2-of-x-2/ The Design Phase [for fixed[…]

The purchase of a home is a huge decision with many implications and ramifications.  There are typically two types of purchase when considering residential real[…]

Like all things done well, design is the first and most important aspect.  If you haven’t read the previous blog(s) related to green design please[…]

One might ask, “If I could start with a ‘blank slate’ for building my green home, what things should I consider?”  Or, I’m looking at[…]

HERS  – when it comes around to saving money it’s both!  However, the subject is about HERS (Home Energy Rating System) – a system for rating home[…]

As I think about my own 30-year-old house I recognize two things – 1) it’s almost paid off!  2) if I want an energy efficient[…]

What does ‘Green’ mean? According to a survey performed in 2010 by The Shelton Group, EcoPulse 2010™, Knoxville, TN the following terms were most associated[…]

I was recently in a certification training class for the NAR Green certification, learning about the various aspects related to “green” housing.  My ears perked[…]

Did you know that buying a house should include much planning and strategizing?  Purchasing a house is a key decision in one’s life.  For my[…]

It would be presumptuous and probably sacrilegious to try to ascribe to Jesus traits that were not expressly indicated in the Bible, however, one could respectfully surmise from[…]