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Selling that house!

When it comes around to selling a house – that’s serious business! You need someone with a strategy & plan.  The current market is very challenging for both buyers and sellers.  Each approach needs special attention and strategies to result in a successful (maximum value with minimum stress) transaction.

Below are some ideas about steps needed to market your house, but there are many, many details (see the links) and the key is in the execution. You need someone with experience, diligence, persistence, creativity, and good ‘ole hard work. That means you want someone who accepts each home as a personal challenge and won’t rest until it is SOLD.

Helpful blogs related to Selling a home and Market trends:
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 Helpful tax (and other) info about selling your house!

Also, a helpful video:

These are some of the most recent homes that I’ve sold (or selling) or coming soon:

3205 Riverlakes Dr (Sold – Sep 2018)

2001 Woodberry (Active)

12850 Stuart Park (Active)

3041 Glen Vista Dr (Sold – June 2018)

107 S Lakeview (Sold – May 2018)

300 Beryl Ct (Sold – Feb 2018)

2708 Willow Creek Ct (Sold – Feb 2018)

909 Hems Lane (Sold – Dec, 2017)

5089 Tersk Ct (Sold – Nov, 2017)

10901 Rippling Brook (Sold – Nov, 2017)

2004 Preta Way (Sold – July, 2017)

2508 Nettle Ln (Sold – July, 2017)

8721 Lake Meadows (Sold – Mar 2017)

3945 Long Hollow (Sold – Mar 2017)

2012 Mark Twain (Sold – Dec.2016)

325 Rodeo – (Sold Dec.2016)

1004 Brook Forest (OPTion)

1004 Brook Forest (Sold-Dec.2016)

748 Dalrock (Sold – Nov.2016)

610 Lakeshore Blvd. (coming soon)

610 Lakeshore Blvd. (Sold -Oct.2016)


8412 Bridge St (Sold – Sep.2016)

2311 Christopher Lane

2311 Christopher Lane (Sold -Aug.2016)

6816 Reeves Street

6816 Reeves Street (Sold – Jul.2016)

1F-Nicholas Miller 8424 Whistling Duck Dr MLS Size 36

8424 Whistling Duck Dr (Sold – Jun.2016)

1F - Nicholas Miller 3252 Silent Creek Tr MLS SIZE 1

3252 Silent Creek Tr (Sold – Mar.2016)

Nicholas Miller 9708 Makiposa Ln 33

9708 Makiposa Ln (Sold – Jan.2016)


5333 Thornbush Drive (Sold)

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