Benefits of Home Ownership

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Benefits of Home Ownership


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An interesting fact that I came across recently, and totally blew my mind, is the difference in household wealth for homeowners vs. renters. This article makes the statement: “Homeownership is how many American families begin to accumulate wealth. According to the Federal Reserve Board, the average homeowner nationally has a net worth of $184,000, while the average renter’s net worth is $4,000.” While another article on the same subject indicates that an “unobserved variable” is “the propensity to save or accumulate wealth—may be associated with both the probability and duration of homeownership and the rate of wealth accumulation.” I.E. people who purchase homes are savers. Thus the home is only one of various means that these folks accumulate wealth through the discipline of saving and putting funds towards investments (such as a home).
SO, if you’ve been renting/leasing for years and feel like your household wealth needs a boost – let’s get going on fulfilling the ‘American dream’. Some think that the leap is too far – but there are various opportunities for first-time home buyers. Give me a call – I’d love to help with your real estate journey!