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3208 Timberland Trl – Euless, TX (Withdrawn) What is better than new? 2017 home with SO MANY bonus extras!  Immaculate manufactured hm w stylish &[…]

11203 Loblolly Ln – Euless, TX (Active) This NEW manufactured home speaks of luxury AND has a fantastically affordable price! This home is immaculate w[…]

There are some significant tax benefits made available to homeowners – be SURE to talk to your accountant about such aspects as listed below: Every[…]

SO, you want to make some updates on your home? You might want to consider the ROI of that update.

Homes in Texas are often subject to foundation shifting which results in various cracks in the foundation itself, the outer brick walls, and interior features[…]

3103 Harston Woods – Euless, TX Super affordable (2012) manufactured home in fantastic community.  Only 7-yrs old with great features – kitchen has tile-look vinyl[…]

I have had many opportunities to work with listing/purchase of manufactured homes in various community parks (in the DFW area) and find that there are[…]

11205 Loblolly Ln – Euless, TX Where else can one purchase a NEW home for less than ~$1500 per mo?  This manufactured home is immaculate[…]

3112 Blue Ash Ln – Euless, TX Super affordable, immaculate manufactured home w stylish & coordinated color scheme, on fantastically landscaped lot w tons of[…]

This month’s Housing Trends eNewsletter is out and has several interesting and informative articles.

Not too long ago my wife prevailed upon me to clean up all of our old tax records.  I had held onto tax records since[…]

I was just talking with someone recently about investments (stock, REITs, real estate, etc.) and it occurs that for a homeowner one of the best[…]

Taxes, taxes, and more taxes! Is there no relief from all of these taxes? Answer: YES! If you own a home you may be eligible for some relief.

Financing rates are at historical lows; now is a great time to buy a house or investment property.  In fact, some might wonder how long[…]

Attention all Texas veterans! Did you know that most veterans are eligible for low interest home loans [currently 3.65% down to 3.15% (for disability greater[…]

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Would you believe that with just a small change in your monthly mortgage payment you could reduce the loan payoff period as well as save[…]

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[fb-post href=”https://www.facebook.com/RealtySidebySide/photos/a.300922476645275.66520.201080946629429/870222999715217/?type=1&theater“] or Becoming a homeowner is for many ‘the American dream’. I had mentioned in a previous blog [http://realtysidebyside.com/…/benefits-of-home-ownership/] an amazing corollary: “Homeownership is[…]

[fb-post href=”https://www.facebook.com/RealtySidebySide/posts/869725649764952“] or Here’s an interesting perspective of rent vs. own – now is a great time to start that real estate journey! Selling or[…]

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[fb-post href=”https://www.facebook.com/RealtySidebySide/posts/810815138989337“] or An interesting fact that I came across recently, and totally blew my mind, is the difference in household wealth for homeowners vs.[…]

This is the third of several blogs related to the new build home process – to review the previous blog – https://realtysidebyside.com/2015/03/08/the-new-build-home-process-and-its-challenges-2-of-x-2/ The Design Phase [for fixed[…]

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This is the second of several blogs related to the new build home process – to review the previous blog – https://realtysidebyside.com/2014/12/29/the-new-build-home-process-and-its-challenges-1-of-x/ Meeting with the builder –[…]

  If you’ve been ‘on the fence’ about selling or purchasing a home – make 2015 the year that you take the leap! Here’s a[…]

The purchase of a home is a huge decision with many implications and ramifications.  There are typically two types of purchase when considering residential real[…]