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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting your real estate needs and experience to Realty Side by Side. I understand that you have a choice when you select a real estate professional and I am truly grateful that you have chosen me.

I get 100% of my business from referrals, so your recommendation/referral is VERY important to me. I ask people to write a short statement concerning their experience working with me/Realty Side by Side. I publish this in my marketing materials as well as on my website and Facebook. If you would just take a few minutes to send feedback that would be truly appreciated.

Some thoughts that might help clarify your testimony (and provide helpful feedback):
1) Were you satisfied with my availability? [responsive; attentive; listened and tried to meet my needs]
2) Were you satisfied with my competence? [knowledgeable about the real estate process, markets, homes I was interested with; contracts & negotiations]
3) Were you satisfied with my leadership and advise? [offered good, timely, and wise advice]
4) Were you satisfied with my integrity? [completely and always trustworthy to act in my best interests; completely candid and honest in all dealings]
5) Would you recommend others to work with me/Realty Side by Side?

It would be great if you could cut/paste from the webform (below) into Facebook (link below) too!

Thank You!

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